“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.
It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

— Wayne Dyer

For lovers of tango in a real embrace, who like looking… nodding… laughing… speaking in piropos… and last but not least: who can only give it all when dancing!!

We warmly invite you to join the first Encuentro Porteño in Amsterdam from 28th – 31st of May.

We are very much looking forwards!



“All that is important is this one moment in movement.
Make the moment important, vital, and worth living.
Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”

— Martha Graham

Thursday 28 May 2015

20h30    Start of Registration
21h – 01h    “El Amanecer”    Pre-party milonga    DJ Jacob Vosmaer

Just hours left! 

Friday 29 May 2015

15h – 19h    “Ansiedad”    Milonga de Bienvenida    DJ Lucena La Morocha
22h – 03h    “Mirame en la Cara”    Noche milonguera    DJ David Alvarez

Saturday 30 May 2015

11h – 13h     Optional    Boat-trip through the Canals with a Dutch Sloep
15h – 19h    “Color Cielo”    Matiñe    DJ Tina Ferrari    (@Botel*)
22h – 03h    Bien Pulenta”    Milonga Roja     DJ Fred Romero
22h – 03h    With a surprise from Amsterdam

Sunday 31 May 2015

15h – 19h    “Champagne Tango”    Milonga de despedia    DJ Nemanja
19h – 21h    Peña & Cena    Argentine Folklore & Dinner
21h – 24h    Hasta siempre amor”    Los mejores tangos de las damas:     Tina, Corina & Lucena

*) All milongas will be in the main location “Casa Antonio”, with the exception of Saturday afternoon. The “Color Cielo” Matiñe will be held – if weather permits – at the top deck of Botel!

Tuesday 2 June 2015

20h – 24h    “Los Locos”    Local milonga at Bilderdijkpark 12a    DJ Jose Luis Zucchetti


Thursday 28 May 2015

Start of Registration

21h – 01h
‘El Amanecer’
Pre-party milonga
DJ Jacob Vosmaer

Friday 29 May 2015

15h – 19h
Milonga de Bienvenida
DJ Lucena La Morocha

22h – 03h
‘Mirame en la Cara’
Noche milonguera
DJ David Alvarez

Saturday 30 May 2015

11h – 13h
Boat-trip through the Canals with a Dutch Sloep

15h – 19h
‘Color Cielo’
DJ Tina Ferrari

22h – 03h
Bien Pulenta’  
Milonga Roja
DJ Fred Romero
With a surprise from Amsterdam

Sunday 31 May 2015

15h – 19h
‘Champagne Tango   
Milonga de despedia
DJ Nemanja

19h – 21h
Peña & Cena
Argentine Folklore & Dinner

21h – 24h
Hasta siempre amor’ 
Los mejores tangos de las damas:
Tina, Corina & Lucena

*) All milongas will be in the main location “Casa Antonio”, with the exception of Saturday afternoon. The “Color Cielo” Matiñe will be held – if weather permits – at the top deck of Botel!



“One good thing about music,when it hits you, you feel no pain”
— Bob Marley


Jacob “Jirafa” Vosmaer

Gentle and inviting are words that describe DJ “Jirafa” Jacob. He draws people onto the dance floor and make them never want to leave. With each tanda he tries to share the joy that he finds in the unforgetable music of tango’s golden age. Being a DJ from Amsterdam he welcomes you at the 1st Encuentro Porteño in Amsterdam at milonga “El Amenecer” on Thursday night.

Lucena “La Morocha”

Lucena merges with the floor and the people. Smooth and with a strong sense of what is right to play she never misses the point. Her music impresses, pulls people from their seat and keeps them dancing. Lucena is organizer of encuentro Te Quiero Lisboa, milonga Brava in Lisbon and DJ at international encuentros.


David Alvarez

David Alvarez is totally immersed into the tango culture. As a DJ he transmits his passion for the music on to the dancers. Watching David when he plays music is an experience in itself. He IS the music he plays. It is a certainty… you go home full of energy although you danced every tanda. So prepare yourself… polish your shoes, come with energy and get ready to dance the night away!

Tina Ferrari

When you do not find Tina Ferrari on the dance floor, you can find her at the DJ’s console, with her selections of music from the Golden Age of tango. Her career as a tango DJ started in Buenos Aires in 2008. She is the resident DJ at the Milonga de Las Gorritas in Bologna, co-organizer of the city’s annual Maratona Milonguera, and a praised DJ at encuentros and festivals in Europe.


Fred Romero

Where Fred Romero plays there is a party! Dancing and teaching tango, salsa & rock and roll he knows as no other what it takes to dance. Fred was on our “wish list” as a DJ since long and with his busy schedule it was with him we decided the date for the first Encuentro Porteño. Fred will play at the Saturday nights milonga “Bien Pulenta”. In case you don’t know what it means, don’t worry, you will know afterwards


Nemanja is our surprise at Encuentro Porteño. Not yet knowing him personally we got curious after hearing numerous positive and exiting comments about the Belgrade DJ. Nemanjas music and enthusiasm has given strong impulses to the development of Belgrade tango scene. He organizes one of the most visited Belgrade milongas and participated on various international tango festivals and marathons.




Jacob ‘El Jirafa’ Vosmaer


Lucena ‘La Morocha’


David Alvarez


Tina Ferrari


Fred Romero





“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche


The main event takes place in “Casa Antonio”. You can easily get flash backs of Buenos Aires when entering the most Authentic Porteño place in Amsterdam with a great wooden dance floor, a lovely garden, a lounge-room and a bar that serves Argentinian wines and Dutch delicacies during Encuentro Porteño.

  Huize Antonius, Kamperfoelieweg 207, Amsterdam.


It is nice to think of warm may days and to imagine yourself dancing in the afternoon on a sunny deck of a tango-boat. When you open your eyes and see the breathtaking view of Amsterdam it still looks like a dream. But this one comes true!!

  Botel, NSDM-Pier 3, Amsterdam.

(    Tip: use the menu on the top left )




From the airport to Central Station by train
Cost is €4,10 and the trip takes 15 minutes
Inside the airport you find Schiphol Train station.

Tickets: You can travel with the Railway (NS) with either a single-use chipcard or an OV-chipkaart. Both are available from the yellow ticket machines or at the Ticket- and Service desks. OV-chipkaart is especially recommended if you plan to make more trips with public transport. You can use the chipcard also for the tram, bus and metro. Use your chipcard to check in. Don’t forget to check out when you leave the train/bus/metro/tram.

From the airport directly to the milonga or Botel by taxi
Cost €40 – €47,50
We arranged a reduced price of €40 (up to 4 people) or €47,50 (up to 7 people) with the companies Touringtax and Airporttaxi. Send them previously a mail or tekstmessage with: ‘Tango’, amount of persons, Flightnumer, date and estimated time of arrival.
info@touringtax.nl • +31 6 42 18 03 30 • +31 6 48 65 08 83
A taxi taken at the airport will cost around €60 to the milonga/Botel


Between the milonga & Botel
A walk/bikeride from Botel to the milonga will take 5 (bike) to 15 minutes (walk). Take the TT Neveritaweg which
continues in the Papaverweg. At Ridderspoorweg turn to the left and continue over the slightly curving Floraweg to the right. After the ‘Gamma’, turn to the right. The milonga is in the white building next to the church.

Shuttle-bus to Botel: for free, only after 1 A.M.

Taxi: use one of the phone-numbers of the Schipholtaxi or call +31 (0)20 777 77 77. The cost is around € 5 and € 7
for 4 persons (normal taxi) to 7 persons (bus).


From Central Station to Starbikes
The bike is your friend in Amsterdam. You can still reserve one for a reduced price.
Starbikes • De Ruiterkade 143 • 1011 AC Amsterdam
Walk to the back side of Central station and walk four minutes to the right until you see Starbikes. Please don’t forget to bring a creditcard, they will ask you the number as a warranty for the bike.

From Central Station to Botel
Botel • NDSM-pier 3 • 1033 RG Amsterdam
Walk to the back-side of Central Station, following the sign ‘Ferries’. Take the free ferry to NDSM. The Ferry stops right next to Botel.

From Central Station to the milonga by public transport
Huize Antonius (‘Casa Antonio’) Kamperfoelieweg 207 • 1032 HM Amsterdam
At Central Station go to the bus platform at ‘IJ-zijde’ (IJ-river-side) and take one of the following busses 34 – 35 – 361 – 391 – 394 (every 4 minutes). Busride takes 10 minutes. Leave the bus at Pinksterbloemstraat. To get to the milonga, cross the street. The milonga is in the white building next to the church and in front of a small green area.
(Night)buses from the milonga back to Central Station: 34 – 35 – 361 – 363.

From Central Station to the milonga by bike
Take the free ferry (bike also) to Buiksloterweg. From there just go straight ahead for 8 –10 minutes. There is a bikepath all the way. Note that the Streetnames change in Amsterdam even if the road continues: so Buiksloterweg becomes Ranonkelkade > Van der Pekstraat > Kamperfoelieweg.
After passing the pink houses you find Huize Antonius at your left hand.

To the milonga by car
The milonga is easy accessible and you can park your car for free 24 hours. In other part of Amsterdam there is paid parking.


Prices & Registration


A bailar! 4 days & nights of milonguear / 30 hours of dancing with music from excellent international DJ’s.

Milonga Pass: €80

Reservations for the reduced price and payment go through us. Botel deals with a “group booking” and therefore might not respond to private requests. There are still rooms available. Feel free to mail us if you have any questions. Please make sure your payment is done before 15th of march.

Botel is fully booked, see Accommodation for other overnight options.

DINNER on Sunday night
Reservation and payment to us (see accountinfo).
Price €18

Reservation for the reduced price be done with us until the 1st of may. Rent includes two bike-locks. Payment directly at Star Bikes after you return your bike. When picking up your bike they will ask for a warranty. This can be an imprint of your creditcard, or deposit your ID, drivers license or passport.
Payment should be done with Star Bikes after returning your bike. Some people have already paid for the bikes, we will transfer the money for you to Star Bikes.
Reduced prices:
Three days €15
Four days €18
Five days €20

Accountnumber: NL90ASNB0707699029
Bic code ASNBNL21
Name Bank: ASN
Adres Bank: Bezuidenhoutseweg 153. 2594 AG Den Haag
Name account: Groenewegen
Adres: Amsterdam
Description: Your full name(s), Botel xx nights, Date of arrival, Doublebed / Two single beds, Room shared with xx. Diner yes/no

PS Bikes can be paid at Star Bikes after returning your bike. If you have already paid your bikes we will transfer it to Star Bikes.

Any questions? Feel free to write us to info@encuentroporteno.com




In the unfortunate case you need to cancel your participation; there are no refunds after 28th of March. We have to refer you to your cancelation-insurance to get the money for the registration of the encuentro and/or the reservation in Botel back.
We can provide for a receipt if that is needed. Reservations made for the dinner and/or for the bikes will be returned up untill 15th of May.




Dear people Botel is fully-booked now. If you still need to find a place to stay please check airbnb or write us a personal mail and we try to help you.

Other possibilities to stay overnight:

If you come with your motorhome consider: www.amsterdamcitycamp.nl, at only two minutes walking from the venue

If you like camping there is a very nice one where you can also rent accommodation www.ilovenoord.com/rent-a-tent-in-the-vliegebos-woodland-campsite/ at a few minutes biking from the venue.

Rooms/appartments in every corner of the town:


Hot Spots


1. Flea Market “IJ-Hallen”

One of the largest European flea markets in the “IJ-Hallen” at 5 minutes walking from Botel. Only on 30-31st of May!


2. Pllek

Citybeach, Loungeplace, Lunchplace, Hangout, etc with spectaculair views over water to the Old Town, at less then 5 minutes walking from Botel.


3. Noorderlicht café

Another great hang-out. Hip, chill, nice people, fire-place and good food, at five minutes walking from Botel.


4. Loetje aan ‘t IJ

Excellent food, beautiful terrace to watch amazing sunsets at 3 minutes walking from Botel


5.Rent a Bike

Hop on your bike and feel FREE as a bird, the most easy way to explore Amsterdam. We made an arrangement with Starbikes where you can rent the solid and special Dutch Bike for the smallest possible price. You still like to rent one? Don’t hesitate to let us know and you have your bike during your stay!


6. IJ-Kantine

Restaurant with great views over the water. Next to Botel.


7. BBrood

Having breakfast at the terrace of BBrood is very pleasant. Great coffee, all kind of break rolls, soup and sweets and your day can start, next to Botel and opposite the Ferry to Central station.


8. Van Dijk en Ko

Its a pity that the plane only allows you your suitcase. Because I bet you find something that you want to take home. Hosted by fun-owners. And when you are there don’t miss the apple pie or other delicious things at “waargenoegen” (Next chapter). In between Casa Antonius and Botel.


9. Waargenoegen

It does not have the looks but it has soooooooo much the taste. Great people who run the place and a true kitchen queen at Waargenoegen. In between Botel and Casa Antonio.


10. Pannenkoekenboot

What better then combining a 75 minutes boat-trip through the “port” of Amsterdam with eating (as much as you like!) pancakes, one of the dutch traditionals. We are trying to rent the boat for us one time. We keep you updated.


11. Free ferries

Not to forget one of the most useful and cheap pleasures: The free ferries that connect the two sides of Amsterdam (for cyclists and pedestrians). A lovely small boat trip, wind blowing through your hair to arrive straight to the heart of town. You will mainly use “Buiksloterveer” (If you stay in Amsterdam-North or around central Station) or NDSM veer (If you stay at Botel).


12. IJscuypje

Lovers of ice-cream are in heaven at ijscuypje. This is what they write about themselves (free translation) “Ice cream that excites you when you think of it. Ice-cream that surprises your loved ones or where you take your friends to try it, a place that makes you bike a few blocks more”.
From the all times favorites to very some special tastes (like “drop” – exquisite!). Ijscuypje started with only one shop at the famous Albert Cuypmarket. But now they are spreading their ice-cream over the town. Recently there opened one two minutes walking from your bed if you stay at Botel.


13. Pekmarkt

Open-air markets is one of the things you find all through Amsterdam. For your daily shopping, where you find yourself a tango dress, art or curiosity, flowers, farmers cheese, sowing materials. Each market has its own character. later we will add a section with my favourite markets in town and their caracteristics. Van de Pekmarkt is the market nearest to Casa Antonio.


14. Il Pecorino

For all the Italians at the encuentro that miss their exquisite Italian food, il Pecorino will make you feel at home. From pizza to Tiramisu everything is as delicious. Located at Wilhelminadok, five minutes biking with a great sunny (or sun-set!) terrace.


15. De Ceuvel

Great hang-out run by amazing people. Close to Casa Antonius.


16. EYE

Another “eye”catcher in Amsterdam. Hosts filmmuseum, a restaurant and and most important an amazing terrace overlooking the IJ.


1. SkyLounge

“Finally Amsterdam, like any cosmopolitan city in the world, has taken its bar and dining experience to another level. A higher level, because the SkyLounge elevates itself above the city.” (special bite) Close to Central Station.


2. Spanish restaurant Centra

As spanish as you can get!! Close to Central Station.


3. Winkel 43

Incomparable apple pie at Winkel 43 at the Noordermarkt. You cannot leave Amsterdam without having lined up for this delicacy!


4. De 9 Straatjes / 9 Streets

9 Small streets full of quirky shops and wonderful eateries.



Organizer: Corine Groenewegen,


Corine has been at the heart of Amsterdam tango for over 20 years, promoting, teaching, inviting high profile milonguero maestros and organising milonga “La Bruja” since 2007. Always on unique locations, La Bruja has become the favourite of milonguero style dancing in Amsterdam. The idea of Encuentro Porteño is one she has been dreaming of since many years. Her gratitude goes towards the milongueros/as and her experiences in Buenos Aires that are the inspiration that lead to Encuentro Porteño in Amsterdam.

Webpage & design: Nicole Herink and Bart Hakvoort,


Nicole has put tango on the map in the east part of the Netherlands. Her enthousiasm is contagious, no matter what she does. She is a professional designer. The clog/shoe symbol for Encuentro Porteño comes from her hand and many things more.

Bart was most determined when he decided to learn tango. After dedicating himself to tango for some years we see him now on the dancefloors of encuentros. Bart is the house designer of La Bruja and designed the webpage of Encuentro Porteño.

Team: Katharina, Koosje and Suzanne


Massage: Katjalisa & Jawi,


Katjalisa & Jawi take care of tired feet, neck and shoulders.

Pictures: Marta Kossakowska (Poland)

Film: Rodolfo Vejar,

Short reportage or Encuentro Porteño and a film of 5 minutes as a kind of ‘loveletter to the tango’ like Rodolfo calls it. If you don’t like to be filmed, please let us know. Rodolfo assures that images of people that object for whatever reason will not be used.

Paintings / pinturas del milonguero: Julian Althabe (Argentina)


Cantor, gitara: Ricardo Herrera
Violista: Irma Gross
Cantor, gitara: Julian Althabe

For sale

Munay Tango Shoes (ladies & men) by Irma Gross

Tango trousers (men) by Jose Luis (Pepe)

Book “Dancing Tango” from sociologist Kathy Davis (Holland)


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