“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.
It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

— Wayne Dyer

In may 2023 there will be the seventh edition of Encuentro Porteño Amsterdam!

Start registration: 15.11.2022 19.00 h.

Encuentro Porteño VII: 18th – 21nd of May 2023

A meeting of international dancers with Latino hearts to share the vibrant energy of Encuentro Porteño VI in Amsterdam. 6 Argentinian and International DJ’s create an exceptional tango-synergy during six milongas in four days.
Looking forward to meeting you there!!

Facebook group
If you like your friends to be at Encuentro Porteño please let us know. We are very much in favor of a group of great dancers that grows gradually from our friends to friends of friends and who all embrace and enjoy tango no less then to the limit.
Encuentro Porteño • Amsterdam


“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.
It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”

— Wayne Dyer

Encuentro Porteño VI: 14th – 18th of May 2020 CANCELLED

Like everywhere in the world also in the Netherlands we are confronted with the consequences of the Corona virus. Last week the government took the decision that all events planned before June 1st are canceled. It hurts to inform you officially that Encuentro Porteño from 14-18 May will not take place. While everything is on hold, we are united in the concern to stay healthy ourselves and the circle around us. Its the bigger picture that counts now. We eagerly look forward to the moment that we are able to think further into the future. We stay in touch. All guests of Encuentro Porteño May 14-18 will be personally informed by mail. Wishing each of you a good health.

Warm greetings,




Impressions of last year by Marta Kossakowska © hrum.nl
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Program 2022

“All that is important is this one moment in movement.
Make the moment important, vital, and worth living.
Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”

— Martha Graham

Thursday, 19 May 2022

21.00 – 01.00
‘Noche de Vinyl’

Friday, 20 May 2022

20.00 – 02.00
‘Tigre Viejo’

Saturday, 21 May 2022

15.00 – 19.00
‘Zorro Gris’

22.00 – 03.00
‘Milonga de los Animales’

Dresscode: Colors, prints or furs of wildlife

Sunday, 22 May 2022

14.00 – 18.00
‘Palomita Mia’

18.00 – 18.30

Salud! • Cheers • Santé • Salute • Na zdrowie • Prost • Skal • A sua saude • Ter vist • Gun bae

18.30 – 23.00
Diner y Pena
Live music Orlando Mino
+ Milonga | After Party



“One good thing about music,when it hits you, you feel no pain”
— Bob Marley


Serjan Pruis | Amsterdam

Vinyl rules!!
Serjan Pruis, a die hard milonguero who since many years committed himself as a serious searcher for the best tangos in the best versions on Vinyl. On thursday 19th of may Serjan will set the tone with the best of tango. Serjan stands for 100 percent danceble tangos full of energy and delight. Serjan rules, rocks and rolls!


Yatma Diallo | Dakar

Yatma, is born in Senegal (Dakar) and lived in Italy for the last twenty years. His first dance experiences, in Dakar, belong to the world of salsa and hip hop, disciplines that he continues to cultivate for many years in Europe. Yatma started dancing tango more then ten years ago. His energy and his positivity is boundless. You feel it in his dance. You hear it in his music. His feeling for what a milonga needs is simply great! Yatma is a professional sound engineer. He will send us home with the best of tango with the best sound quality. Its gonna be a night full of energy. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Yatma: My favourite tangos of this moment:
Quejas de Bandoneon – Troilo “Love it, drives me crazy when I hear it”
Una fija – Di Sarli
Café Dominguez – D’Agostino with Vargas


Vincent Lam | Vancouver

“I was first introduced to dancing tango in 2006. In the beginning it was more comedy than romance until I encountered close embrace dancing and Golden Age tango music. I began DJing in 2012 and has since traveled the world dancing and sharing his music at some of the top Encuentros, Marathons and Festivals in North America, Sweden and Japan.”

“Two of my favorite tangos:
Tanturi has great instrumentals but it was his singers Castillo and Campos that I love. My heart sings when I hear the opening bars to “La Vida es Corta”with Castillo and ‘La Abandone y no Sabia” with Campos”.


Luis Rojas | Buenos Aires

Luis: “Soy feliz de participar en Encuentro Porteño. Es una fiesta a nuestra cultura y costumbres. Es tango y mucho más!!!”

Saturdaynight at Encuentro Porteno has an extra glow!
LUIS “Monito” ROJAS (Bs As) will enchant us. Luis radiates a contagious positive energy and rocks to the last minute.
Luis Alberto Rojas is a milonguero by heart. He is a dancer since the age of eight; folklore, tango and anything that was being danced in that time. Luis teaches tango in Argentina, Europe and the USA. As a DJ he is frequently invited to tango-events. He organizes big events inviting fantastic orchestras like Romantica Milonguera and Sans Souci.

Three of Luis favourite tangos:
Remembranza – Osvaldo Pugliese with Maciel
Uno – Anibal Troilo with Alberto Marino
Hasta siempre amor – Juan d’Arienzo with Jorge Valdez


Corine Groenewegen | Amsterdam

“I am happy to DJ for dancers that are as passionate about tango as I am myself. I hope to ad to the synergy between music and the dancers.”

My favourite tangos of the moment:
La Palanca – Juan D’arienzo
No te apures Cara Blanca – Demare with Juan Carlos
Cualquier Cosa – Federico Domingo


Santiago Onel | Uruguay

Santiago started with tango 18 years ago in Uruguay. Having moved to Europe, he has been active as dancer, teacher and DJ. His way of DJing is the product of the influence of his native country, the regular visits to Buenos Aires and his life in Europe.
 For Santiago that tango is a never ending learning process. His DJing is neither dogmatic nor tainted by an academic approach of playing unknown tangos just for the sake of it. His selection always looks to touch the heart of the milongueros and milongueras and keep them on the dance floor.
 Santiago likes to participate in Encuentro Porteño, to be ‘on the other side’ of the dancers, contributing to make the last hours of Encuentro Porteño an unforgettable moment. You can be certain that with his selection of music Encuentro Porteno will resonate in your soul still some time after



“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Casa Antonio
The event takes place in ‘Casa Antonio’. The most Authentic Porteño place in Amsterdam with a great wooden dance floor, a lovely garden, a lounge-room and a bar that serves Argentinian wines and Dutch delicacies during Encuentro Porteño.

  Huize Antonius, Kamperfoelieweg 207, Amsterdam



 Milonga-pass; 7 milongas / 30 hours of dancing: € 100
  Dinner & Peña: € 25 (optional)

Characteristics of Encuentro Porteño, the place to be for dancers able to create a nice flow and togetherness on the floor:
 Invitation by mirada and cabeceo
 Dancing in a milonguero embrace
 Considering the dancers when entering the floor
 Fluent ronda in touch with the other dancers
 Leaving the floor after each tanda
 Seating options for women, men and mixed couples
 Music played in Tandas and lively Cortinas
 Golden era: Yes
 Guerdia Vieja: No, apart from a few ‘golden’ pieces
 And last but not least: 100% tango-ambiance!!

Terms and Conditions
1. Your registration is personal.  2. We do not communicate the reasons for admittance or refusal of your participation.  3. If you have registered with a partner who cancels at a later point, we retain the right to put you on the waiting list without reimbursement of the registration fee.  4. The registration fee has to be done within 10 days after the confirmation of your participation.  5. In case you need to cancel compensation will not be granted. You can use the possibility though to propose someone to take over your place.  6. Dutch data protection law applies, you consent that we are keeping and processing your submitted data. We guarantee to handle your data strictly confidential.  7. You give us permission to take pictures and/or videos during the event and publish them online.  8. To protect a safe environment during the event for everyone we do not accept inappropriate behaviour.  9. By submitting your registration, you accept our terms and conditions.



Places to stay during Encuentro Porteño

In 2015 a brand new Hostel opened in between Central Station and the milonga:
Clink Noord / www.clinkhostels.com/amsterdam/clinknoord
2 – 4 – 6 or 8 persons bedrooms. Apart from the rooms it provides several comfortable lounges and relaxing areas. Breakfast can be booked for € 5 a day
8 minutes biking (2.200 meter)
Price between € 35 and € 52 per person per night

Casa Antonio is situated in the area “Volewijck”
Amsterdam is a rather small city and provides free ferries that take you 24 hours crossing the IJ-river, so many areas are within reach. Especially the areas around the Central Station and Amsterdam North

If you like to camp:
Camping Vliegenbos / www.amsterdam.nl/vliegenbos
Price: € 10 – € 75 per night
Accomodation: Tent, Caravan, Hiking hut, designerhut etc.
Beautifully located in a green lush park
9 minutes biking (2.500 meter)

If you bring your own camper:
Amsterdam Citycamp / www.amsterdamcitycamp.nl
Price € 15 per camper a night
Basic, but with amazing views across the water from the camp site
2 minutes biking (500 meter) from the venue

Bed and Breakfast
Site for Bed and Breakfasts: www.bedandbreakfast.nl



Moving around during Encuentro Porteño

The Amsterdam way

A bike is a very pleasant tool to move around in Amsterdam. Get yours at StarBikes / www.starbikesrental.com
Three days: € 17, four days: € 21, five days: € 25.
Make your reservation at: registration@encuentroporteno.com ; payment is at StarBikes. Please don’t forget to bring a creditcard, they will ask you a copy as a warranty for the bike.

Public Transport
In case you prefer to use public transport there are numerous buses, trams, ferries, metro etc that take you to any corner of the city. In front of the venue is a bus stop with buses to Central Station until deep in the night.
You will need a chipkaart, single or multiple use. Info here: OV-chipkaart
Check out the websites 9292.nl or en.gvb.nl for real time information on public transport. Both sites are also available as Apps!

From the airport

From the airport to Central Station by train
From Schiphol Station, bij intercity or sprinter (Takes 16 – 19 minutes to Central Station)

Tickets: You can travel with the Railway (NS) with either a single-use chipcard or an OV-chipkaart. Both are available from the yellow ticket machines or at the Ticket- and Service desks. OV-chipkaart is especially recommended if you plan to make more trips with public transport. You can use the chipcard also for the tram, bus and metro. Use your chipcard to check in. Don’t forget to check out when you leave the train/bus/metro/tram.

Taxi from or to the airport by TCA

Maximum price to Schiphol airport by using the tca.app : € 37,50

  • Order your TCA taxi through the TCA App, our dispatch centre (+31 20 777 77 77)
  • Tell your dispatcher you want to go to Schiphol Airport, or set this in the app

From Central Station

From Central Station to Starbikes
Starbikes • De Ruiterkade 143 • 1011 AC Amsterdam
Walk to the riverside of Central Station, turn right. Walk along de Ruyterkade until you reach number 143 after ± 500 m.

From Central Station to the milonga by bike
Huize Antonius  | Casa Antonius • Kamperfoelieweg 207 • 1032 HM Amsterdam
Take the free ferry to Buiksloterweg (every 5 minutes).
Bike straight ahead through the Van der Pekstraat to the Kamperfoelieweg. After passing the pink houses on your right side (about 8 minutes biking) you find a church and a green area on your left side. in the white building you find Encuentro porteño in Huize Antonius at nr 207.

From Central Station to the milonga by public  transport
Metro 52 until metro Noord, every 8 minutes
– Take bus 34, after three stops exit Pinksterbloemstraat at 210 meter from Casa Antonio.
– Or bus 35, after two stops exit Floraweg/klaprozenweg at 450 meter from Casa Antonio.
– Continue walking
Bus 391 or 394 exit Floraweg at 450 meter from Casa Antonio

To the milonga by car
The milonga is easy accessible, and you can park your car for free after 19.00! In other parts of Amsterdam there is paid parking.


From Encuentro Porteño to Central Station

During daily hours
Bus 34 / 35 (every 5 to 10 minutes)
From Pinksterbloemstraat to Metrostation Noorderpark. Take the Metro to Central Station.

Thursday night
Bus 293
From Pinksterbloemstraat to Central Station
Times:  01:00 / 02/00 / 03:00 / 04:00 / 05:00

Friday night, Saturday night & Sunday night
Bus 293
From Pinksterbloemstraat to Central Station
Times:  00:57 / 01:27 / 01:57 / 02:27 / 02:57 / 03:27 / 03:57 / 04:27 / 04:57 /


Hot Spots

Amsterdam-North has lots of nice places to eat. Here is a nice selection of places to have lunch and/or dinner, arranged by distance from the venue ‘Casa Antonio’.
Of course feel free to discover your own, Amsterdam-North has lots to offer!

Hanimeli (400m)


Brand new restaurant and café close to the venue.


Waargenoegen (650m)

This lunchroom does not have the looks but it has sooo much the taste. Great people who run the place and a true kitchen queen at Waargenoegen.

Open on:
Thursday: 12.00 – 16.00
Friday & Saturday: 12.00 – 17.00


Pasoek (700m)

Thai restaurant, close to Casa Antonio.


De Ceuvel (900m)

Great hang-out run by amazing people. Close to Casa Antonius.


Eetcafe Mosveld (1000m)


Smaaqt (1,3km)

Nice restaurant in between Casa Antonio and the ferry.


Il Pecorino (1,5km)

Italian restaurant.

Noorderlicht (1,5km)

Another great hang-out. Hip, chill, nice people, fire-place and good food.


Pllek (1,7km)

Citybeach, Loungeplace, Lunchplace, Hangout, etc with spectaculair views over water to the Old Town.


Bbrood (1,7km)

Having breakfast at the terrace of BBrood is very pleasant. Great coffee, all kind of break rolls, soup and sweets and your day can start.


IJ-Kantine (1,8km)

Restaurant with great views over the water.


Loetje aan 't IJ (2,2km)

Excellent food, beautiful terrace to watch amazing sunsets.


EYE (2,4km)

Another “eye”catcher in Amsterdam. Hosts filmmuseum, a restaurant and and most important an amazing terrace overlooking the IJ.




Corine Groenewegen

Corine has been at the heart of Amsterdam tango for over 20 years, promoting, teaching, inviting high profile milonguero maestros and organising milonga “La Bruja” since 2007. Always on unique locations, La Bruja has become the favourite of milonguero style dancing in Amsterdam. The idea of Encuentro Porteño is one she has been dreaming of since many years. Her gratitude goes towards the milongueros/as and her experiences in Buenos Aires that are the inspiration that lead to Encuentro Porteño in Amsterdam.

Jawi van de Kraats, Gerda Greeven, Kaja Keil and Daila Barneveld

Marta Kossakowska

Aida & team
Kitchen & Bar


Nicole Herink
Creations and design


Bart Hakvoort


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